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Hello and Welcome to JoeyLee.com!
My name is Joey Lee*. I am 52 years old, as of January 22nd. I am physically disabled and also gay.
I have two or three main purposes for creating, and maintaining, this website; mainly to provide support and resources for those that, like myself, live with Chronic Pain and several other issues I will try to fit in.
Being as I am Gay, I am quite aware that there are MANY people that struggle with that reality. For many, it may feel like a very scary, and often lonely, realization.
As many are learning through local and national news networks recently, there are some very serious situations occurring, involving extreme bullying. Sadly, bullying and discrimination are issues happening to both Men and Women of all ages. If any one reading this feels they may be in danger: either to themselves, or to or from others, Please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline Center at 1-800-273-8255 PLEASE
Please reach out to someone; IT DOES GET BETTER! I am willing to assist as a ''Friend'', via E-mail by clicking here
I will gladly offer my own support to any one reading this. However, I am NOT a Professional, just merely someone willing to chat with. If You choose TO contact me, know that I will keep ANY conversation, via email or other with the utmost discretion, UNLESS I feel YOU are a Danger to Yourself, or Others.

a little about Joey Lee*

On February 18th, 1992, my life changed drastically, and permanently. While working as a Counselor for sexually and/or physically abused children and teens, I injured my right knee.
From that day on; one ''botched'' surgery after another; about 9 - 11 surgeries in three years, and a total of 28 since then, left me physically disabled.

I was primarily diagnosed with Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy, (also referred to as RSD or CRPS), as well as, Avascular Necrosis (also known as AVN).
RSD and AVN are both very serious Chronic Pain Syndromes/Diseases, with RSD being one of the most painful known to the American Neurological Association. RSD, still remains one of the most undiagnosed diseases amongst Chronic Pain patients. And for those that are diagnosed, it can take years to find the right team of Doctors to provide You with ANY treatment for the pain, if at all. Neither of these diseases have a ''cure'', and both are severe chronic pain diseases.
As my conditions worsened, I came to realize I had a choice to make, a life-changing choice; I could give in to the excruciating pain, give in to the limitations these diseases caused; or I could find a way to live each and every day as it comes. This is certainly not the way I had envisioned my life would turn out, however it is what it is.
I decided that I wanted to find some way, ANY way where I would be able to continue to HELP others. Since I am unable to work in any official capacity due to the physical limitations as well as the pain, I wanted to find a way to help others that may be dealing with similar situations; being disabled, living with chronic pain, and even dealing with being gay or as some call it, *gay curious*. These *personally affected* topics are what lead to my creating this website, and keeping it for the last 17+ years.

Despite all I have to deal with on a daily basis, I still consider myself to be extremely blessed, just in much different ways.
Why? Because I am able to share my life with my ''life-partner'', David*. David* and I have been together since August 7th, 1992!

There is NO doubt in MY mind, that I would not be here today if it were not for David*. We have very few TRUE Friends, but MANY wonderful *Acquaintances*, as well as NEW Friendships that have been reunited through Facebook.

I have also reunited with my ONE and only Beautiful Sister, Sondra*, and even now, I do speak with one Brother! To those that have followed my *story*, Family Support is the one void I have had to live with. Having my Sister*, and a Brother*, back is truly a blessing!

A List of The Pages Inside JoeyLee.com

Yet Another Disease?
On March 17th, 2015, I went into surgery for a biopsy on a mass found in my left lung. This one hour scheduled surgery, ended up as an 8 hour plus, surgery. I had been Diagnosed with Malignant Lung Cancer. During surgery, I ended up having 75% of my left lung removed. This was, as anyone would expect, horrendous. It was an unexpected addition to what I have gone through for over 20 years.
In the coming months, I will be adding more information regarding the Lung Cancer I did manage to beat, miraculously.
The worst day of my life, was the day I lost my Mother* to Lymphoma. I now feel that I owe it to Her* and to those that visit my website, to include Cancer, Cancer Research, and Cancer Awareness.

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